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From the moment of his birth on March 29, 1990, one word summed up the personality of Augustus “Augie” Cummings Koontz: joyful. His life personified the joy he would find in every day, every activity, and in every person he encountered. August had a big heart he unselfishly shared with anyone he met. He desired to truly get to know people; to listen and learn, and to love unconditionally. This love for others was the measure of his greatness and will be his legacy.

As a young boy, August loved to play, paint and draw, and especially liked to dress up like his favorite superhero. He attended San Antonio Academy for 11 years, from prekindergarten through the eighth grade where he developed a lifetime of friendships. For his freshman and sophomore years of high school, he journeyed to Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire. In 2006, August played football in the New England NEPSAC Championship Bowl. It was the first undefeated season for Proctor since 1958. Playing football taught August the importance of perseverance, commitment and selflessness. He returned home to San Antonio to finish out high school at Central Catholic, a college preparatory school that focuses on educating young men from diverse backgrounds and developing them through leadership and moral character. August was a talented artist and was also verbally gifted; a good communicator and creative writer. He continued his love of sports by playing football for Central Catholic’s BIG BLUE team. August was a born leader, but also understood the importance of being a team player.

Apart from school and sports, August had a passion for the outdoors. He spent nine summers at Camp Stewart, a Christian-oriented camp for boys. His life paralleled the Camp Stewart motto “Don’t wait to be a Man to be Great, Be a Great Boy”. August also enjoyed bonding with his father on hunting safaris and was an incredible shot. Bird hunting in Córdoba, Argentina and big game hunting in Zambia, Africa were among his most memorable hunting expeditions.

August’s compassion for others showed in his actions. He donated his time to worthy causes like Family Services Association of San Antonio’s Adopt-a- Family Program. Each holiday he would help purchase, wrap and deliver gifts to underprivileged children and families.

August loved his family and was a protective and adoring big brother to Shell and Conoly. He was an amazing friend to countless people. August’s sudden death left a void that will never be filled. He will be forever missed. While we will never know to what heights August may have soared, his legacy of caring deeply for others rises higher every day. He lived a full life with a big heart and his memory will carry on beyond his years because of AugustHeart.

With the AugustHeart Free Heart Screening Program, the story never ends!


Koontz Kids, age 13Koontz Kids, age 13

Superman, age 3Superman, age 3


San Antonio Academy, age 14San Antonio Academy, age 14


Central Catholic Football, age 17Central Catholic Football, age 17


9th summer at Camp Stewart, age 169th summer at Camp Stewart, age 16


In October of 2008, August Koontz, an active young athlete from San Antonio died in his sleep at the age of 18. His death was the result of sudden cardiac arrest, brought about by a genetic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which causes a thickening of the heart wall and can lead to obstruction of blood flow and an erratic heartbeat.


After the loss of their son August, Doré and Bart Koontz struggled to make sense of his death. Like most parents, they had never heard of HCM and were shocked to learn that August had it. The most devastating realization for the Koontz family was knowing that August would still be alive today had he undergone a simple 20-minute heart screening.

In May 2011 Doré and Bart launched AugustHeart, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing free heart screenings to local teenagers. Since that time, AugustHeart has successfully implemented a community-wide effort involving a team of volunteers. These include board certified cardiologists, sonographers, technicians and area high school athletic programs through partnerships with Baptist Health System, Christus Santa Rosa Health System, Methodist Healthcare System, University Health System and UT Medicine San Antonio. Joined by the professional expertise and dedication of our partners, AugustHeart is committed to the prevention of tragic and unnecessary teen deaths caused by undiagnosed heart conditions.



Doré Koontz,  AugustHeart Founder


J. Lance Lahourcade, CapTrust


Troves B. Gilbert, Jr.,  Koontz Corporation


Cory J. Basso,  Cb360 Consulting

David M. Bush, MD, PhD,  AugustHeart Medical Advisor,  Pediatric Cardiology Associates of San Antonio

Sandra Laurel Ford,  Ford & Laurel Attorneys at Law

Laurie Griffith,  Texas Capital Bank, San Antonio

Amy Hayes,  Community Volunteer

Lee Ann T. Jones,  Lee Jones Collection

Wendy Kowalik, Predico Partners

Ross Studer,  Republic Ranches, LLC

L. Herbert Stumberg, Jr.,  Air Measurement Technologies, Inc.

Kendal Volz,  Frost Bank


Pam Velasco,  Executive Director

Alex Sego, Program Director


AugustHeart is a 501(c)(3) providing
free heart screenings to teenagers
to identify selected heart abnormalities
in an effort to reduce the risk
of sudden cardiac death.


4940 Broadway, Suite 217
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: 210.267-2771

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